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Ornamental Maintenance of Annuals, Mulch, and Pine Straw

Lewey Landscaping & LawnCare offers ornamental maintenance services for both commercial and residential property owners and managers. It is always a pleasure for our professional teams to keep your landscaped areas looking fresh and appealing.

Regular contract maintenance services and one-time maintenance services are available. Lewey Landscaping & LawnCare will create a customized service plan for your property. Owner Vince DiPasquale will work with your requirements and budget to help you get the most out of your landscaped and natural areas. Well-maintained landscapes and lawns add to the appeal, enjoyment, value, and beauty of your property.

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Ornamental Annual Planting and Maintenance Services:
  • Fall
    • Autumn colors will keep appeal and spirits high as the weather becomes cold and damp. We will plant the fall annuals in your ornamental flower beds after the temperature falls below 70 degrees. The fall annuals will bring seasonal color to your property throughout the winter and into the spring until the temperature reaches 85-90 degrees.

  • Summer
    • When the temperature is right, we will replace your fall/winter annuals with brightly colored spring/summer annuals flowers. If you choose, we can plant some drought-resistant beauties to help you conserve water. All of the summer annuals we plant are typically available in early May and will last until the first frost in the fall/winter.

Visit our Landscaping page for additional information about planting and landscape design.

Lewey Landscaping & LawnCare offers a selection of mulches:
  • Raleigh - Mulch delivery and spreading for residential and commercial propertiesTriple Shredded Hardwood
    • The most common mulch that is shredded in appearance and brown in color

  • Designer Mulch
    • This mulch has a finer texture, and it is available typically available in black, brown, and red.
    • Certified Play Cushion is available for playgrounds and around playsets.

  • Additional definition may be achieved by edging beds with a Trenchmaster at an additional cost.

Other mulch options may also be available for commercial clients requiring 90 yards or more.

Mulch will be spread between 1-3 inches deep to retain moisture in the soil while also reducing weed growth. We will vary the depth of the mulch based on our client's requirements.


Pine Straw
Pine straw is a traditional ground cover used in North Carolina

  • We prefer to use the pine straw from North Carolina's State Tree, the Longleaf Pine.

  • We use high quality pine straw that has much less sticks and pinecones that your typical superstore pine straw.





For more information about our full range of lawn care maintenance and landscaping management services available to residential and commercial customers,
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