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Lawn Maintenance Services

Lewey Landscaping & LawnCare offers weekly, bi-weekly, and one-time maintenance services for commercial and residential clients. We will work with your requirements and budget to help you get the most out of your lawn and surrounding landscape. Well-maintained lawns and landscaped areas add to the enjoyment and appeal of your property, and help to enhance its value.

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Mowing Services
Our mowing services include:
  • Mowing
  • Edging
  • Blowing of hard surfaces
  • Weed-eating

Based on your needs and your budget, we can provide regular weekly or bi-weekly mowing services during the growing season and general lawn care during the off-season. 

Fall and winter leaf removal services include:

  • Blow leaves to:
    • Natural areas
    • The street for city pick-up (if allowed by township/HOA)
  • Bag leaves and remove from property for proper disposal (or at curb if city allows)
  • Leaf vacuum services

For those big jobs or special occasions, we offer one-time mowing or clean-up.

Fertilization Programs
We offer fertilization programs for warm and cool season grasses:

The Cool Season Program for fescue, a local favorite, includes 6 applications + lime:

  • Two (2) fertilizer with pre-emergent applications
  • One (1) iron application
  • One (1) lime application
  • Three (3) regular fertilizer applications
  • For our Cool Season Fertilization clients we offer, re-seeding and aeration, (below), which we recommend each fall.

The Warm Season Program (Bermuda/Zoysia/Centipede) offers different programs:

  • Three (3) pre-emergent applications (for all warm season)
  • Two (2) regular fertilizer applications (Bermuda only)
  • One (1) lime application


Shrubbery fertilization is also available in granular form.  We do not offer deep root fertilization but can recommend companies that specialize in this service.

For general information, see our FAQs & Tips page.
Seeding & Aeration
Seeding & Aeration Services for Fescue Grass, a favorite of the Triangle Area:

We offer core aeration of your cool season turf and re-seeding services for fescue:

    • As an add-on service to the Cool Season Fertilization Program (above)
    • In conjunction with the 4th application of starter fertilizer
    • As a one-time service with starter fertilizer
    • As individual services for “do-it-yourself” projects
Weed Control
Weed Control Services for Raleigh and surrounding areas:
  • Post weed control is provided for broadleaf weeds, and is included as part of our fertilization program services (see details above)
    • Post-emergent applications for broadleaf weeds cannot be applied to fescue once the temperature reaches 90 degrees
    • Post weed control of winter broadleaf is available as an add-on to your regular fertilization services.
  • Post weed control for nutgrass and crabgrass will be provided and priced on an as needed basis in the summer
  • Brown patch control will be provided and priced on an as needed basis in the summer
    • Pre-treatment can be applied in May/June for a 28-day coverage as a precaution
  • Weather conditions and water management will affect the development and treatment of all weeds and turf disease
Depending on your shrubbery and trees, pruning may be required for the proper growth, shape, and beauty of your plant material
  • We provide pruning for shrubbery and trees up to 12 ft in height

    • Evergreens are typically pruned 2-3 times in the summer
    • Perennials should be “deadheaded” in the summer after the flowers have died on the plant material
    • Ornamental grasses are cut back in the winter
    • Flowering plants that bloom in the spring need to be pruned after their blooms drop off and then left alone
Irrigation Maintenance
Our irrigation services include:
  • Start-up includes pressurizing system, installing backflow, turning on water to system, and checking for leaks.
  • Winterizing includes turning off water and removing backflow. Contractor can store for you or provide back to you for safe storage (where it will not freeze).
  • Includes running through zones and making adjustments to the heads for proper spray patterns and can be provided at start-up or periodically throughout the year.
  • We have worked with all types of irrigation systems and are knowledgeable in their repair. If you do not have an irrigation contractor that looks after your repair needs, Lewey Landscaping & LawnCare offers one-time repair services in our service area. There is a service call fee (unless combined with other maintenance services) and charges for labor and parts. We will advise in advance of expensive repairs and will itemize repair invoices for insurance claims.

See FAQs & Tips for additional information.

About Your Grass

The types of maintenance, nutrient requirements, and management programs we recommend are based on the condition of the soil and the type of grass, or turf. There are two basic categories of turf, cool season like Fescue, and warm season like Bermuda, Zoysia or Centipede. We will provide you with specific recommendations based on our observations and 35+ years of lawncare and landscape management experience.


For more information about our full range of lawn care maintenance and landscaping management services available to residential and commercial customers,
please contact us at (919) 846-7916 or info@LeweyLandscaping.com.